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7 Positioning for Growth: How to Identify, Articulate and Market

With a reported half a million agencies worldwide, having a strategy and plan for standing out from the competition is vital for the winning of new business. In this session, London-based positioning expert and new business careerist Karla Morales-Lee will share the secret to why some agencies win more new business than others. Described as “an entrepreneurial new business person" by Campaign magazine, Karla helps agencies to move past outdated and ineffective business development tactics such as cold calling and the sending of unsolicited direct mail. Her clients win more new business as a result of having a compelling point of difference and then illustrating and dramatising that difference through their agency marketing. She calls her expertise ‘building agency brands’. In addition to her consulting business, Karla is co-founder of The Art of New Business events and The UK Agency Awards. Both of these companies strive to improve the way agencies prospect for new business and highlight best practice in agency self-promotion.

Karla Morales-Lee