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Completing the Bridge to Nowhere: Beyond Diversity and Inclusion

While there is more diversity and inclusion now than there was in the 70’s, it’s not enough, not even close. Consider recent reports on Silicon Valley’s failure to hire and retain diverse employees. We’ve invested billions in diverse and inclusive workplaces and public spaces – building a bridge to a better world - although it appears we’ve stopped short of our goal. Diversity and inclusion alone won’t guarantee that all people have fair opportunities to achieve their full potential – but equity does. Without equity, we’ve made promises we can’t keep, started what we can’t finish, and built a bridge that leaves us dangling between where we were (a place of prejudice and inefficiency) and where we aspire to be (fairness and optimization). Equity, diversity, and inclusion (together) are the best way to make us bigger, faster, stronger, smarter, and better at doing what we do. Be compelled to build your bridge. Learn to undergird it with equity. Do good AND do well.

Natalie Burke