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Could a Robot Create Your Content?

No matter the size of an organization, marketers always need to do more with less. In this talk Kevin will show INBOUND attendees how they can leverage their existing blog posts in order to generate a greater number of high quality leads. Repurposing blog posts into lead magnets has two main advantages: 1) Increased conversion rates: If a blog post’s lead magnet directly builds on the post itself, there is a greater incentive for the reader to opt-in. 2) Improved list segmentation: Calls to action that are specific to an individual blog post can give marketers a better understanding of what that reader is interested in and what motivates them. Algorithms rule. They are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and automate a lot of things in our lives, from buying books to online dating. Will there be a point where the computer takes over most of our tasks? Could content and creativity be automated? We can look at the "human vs. machine" as a symbiotic process: The computer and the marketer need each other to make each other better. Unfortunately, when we rely too much on automation, the computer seems to take over. The content is too much machine-like (i.e., powered by numbing,

Carmen Simon