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Hacking Parenthood: The 3 Worlds of Digital Parenting

Today's biggest parenting battle is over screen time: how much tech access kids should have, what they should be doing online, and what to do when your kid's best friend has an XBox One and you are the terrible parent who only got a Wii. Drawing on data gathered from more than 10,000 North American parents, I'll map out the three distinct digital parenting styles that define the screen time debate and the way companies can and should market to families. I'll show which parenting style is dominant at different ages and stages, and what the data suggests about how parents can best equip their kids for a digital world. Attendees will learn how parents and educators can manage kids' use of technology to help them lay the foundation for a successful life both on- and off-line...and find out what smart companies know about how to speak to three very different family tech markets.

Alexandra Samuel