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Hacking Your Way To A New Category: How Generating Advocacy, Evangelism, and Community Can Drive Success

This highly entertaining talk introduces the fundamentals of design thinking, the process that revolutionized innovation in Silicon Valley. Creativity, Collaboration, and Empathy: these three ingredients produced the secret sauce that made the likes of Apple, IDEO, Google and others into global innovation powerhouses. Focusing on 5 key ways to inspire innovation through empathetic research and design and using examples form various project and organizations, this talk focuses on the revolution that shaped how innovation in happening today in world-leading organizations. The speaker, Dr. Leon Segal, is an innovation psychologist, thought leader, teacher, pilot, musician and designer. After having led a studio at IDEO, he founded Innovationship which is a SF-based company working with organizations around the world to apply design thinking principles for solving business problems, creating inspired cultures and developing new customer-focused ideas.

Leon Segal