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How a Sales Rep Generated 919 New Customers in 26 Hours

How many new sales opportunities could you create in an hour of cold calling? How about 10 hours? How about 50? Over 26 hours of blogging, HubSpot sales rep Dan Tyre and HubSpot Sales Blog Editor Leslie Ye have brought 919 new customers to the HubSpot Sales business -- or 35 new opportunities per hour. There's a better way to fill your pipeline than smiling and dialing. Blogging isn't just for professional marketers and writers. By crafting hyper-relevant and helpful posts for your ideal customer, you'll be reaching buyers long before you pick up the phone to call them. In this session, you'll learn why all salespeople should blog, how it builds your credibility with prospects, and how you can get started today.

Dan Tyre

Leslie Ye