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Mischief Managed: 5 Lessons of Managing Remote Teams

Picture yourself in a world where work is a magical mix of the most talented employees, working with one common goal, from anywhere. For most companies, facing this challenge has been as daunting as facing your biggest fear. To this, we say “Riddikulus!” By combining three powerful ingredients – our learnings about managing the mischief of remote workers, experience with tools for boosting and inspiring collaboration, and stories from our favorite wizarding world – we will share the top five lessons any business can use to create a magical remote and mobile workforce. From training to onboarding to communicating to tracking – we cover it all. Let us share how we cast a spell on remote employees in a way that surely won’t be frowned upon by HR teams. (Plus, you can instantly apply our tips and get work done while waiting in line to see "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" which hits theaters soon after Inbound 2016!)

Jeff Valentine