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Showing Up for Leadership: Your Presence is Your Impact

As a leader, your success depends on your ability to interact with people in a way that invites and inspires them to bring their most creative, insightful selves to the table. As a partner collaborating with clients, your success depends on your skills, your presence, your beliefs, and your ability to sell and create results. As a human, your success depends on how you take care of yourself and how you make others feel. In every role, your ability to successfully create impact depends on how you Show Up. Your presence IS your impact. In this session, Anese Cavanaugh will share insight and tools to help you: * Optimize your leadership presence to set a positive tone and create impact * Protect yourself from “busy”, “burnout”, and the negative energy of others * Cultivate a contagious leadership presence to create a culture of trust and accountability * Nurture and elevate your intention, energy, and presence in order to become the best, most resilient, and effective leader possible.

Anese Cavanaugh