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Straight Talk on Turning 20k/Mo Retainer into Millions in Revenue

Successfully scaling your agency requires a set of clear processes to enable your team to engage with the client, grow revenue out of your existing client base and ensure long-term retention. But what should these processes and methodologies look like? If you are looking to establish a successful set of business processes to deliver slicker implementations and happier clients then follow this set of guidelines from The B2B Marketing Lab, the only HubSpot Platinum Partner HQ'd in London. Agencies throw around words like “partnership” often. What does that even mean? Find out how one Platinum Partner Agency defines it, the mistakes they’ve made, and even ask their largest client what a partnership means from their perspective. In this talk, you will learn how Leighton Interactive approaches client expectations, delivers results, and has evolved from a 5-person digital marketing agency in 2011 to a 22-person inbound marketing agency in 2016. This presentation will also feature remarks from Barry Opatz, VP of Marketing at Marco (Leighton Interactive's biggest client account).