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To Make Your Brand Priceless: Storytelling is Good But Myth is Magic

In this session you will learn why and how living a mission and putting some myth back into marketing can help you lift your brand in esteem and price beyond the 'common competitor'. Most brands have received the message ‘Tell stories to engage your audience and make your brand memorable and likable!’. And many have started to learn storytelling, some across touch-points and a few in distinctively vivid colors. But doing this well is just the start to make your brand stand out and sell. If you also want your brand to stand up tall and command respect and a premium, you need to allow people to buy INTO something that goes beyond the material and leave some space for myth to create magic beyond the logic. Because nobody really needs a new/another phone, watch or handbag and Moleskine and MINI or TOMS and Tesla do not really make rational, economic sense. They mean much more to us and we are happy to pay a premium for it.

JP Kuehlwein